Friday, 1 February 2013

School Days

A major event happened in the life of Miss C she started Primary School on Thursday.  Was she ready for it? Yes I do believe so. Was I as a parent ready for it......No.

Miss C loves to have books read to her especially at bed time. Before laying down to sleep we always read one of her books. She is always asking how to spell words and pointing to words and asking what does that say, she knows her letter and can recognise them.

Once we have finished reading her story Miss C lays down and gets comfortable in her bed but before I can give her kisses and hugs and leave she has to count to 100. She has been able to count to 20 for ages now, but about 3 months ago she decided that 100 was the number to get too.

Just after the new year we brought Miss C's uniform and shoes and I think she has wore the shoes almost everyday so when school started they did not look new any more until I gave them a coat of polish although you could still see the scrapped toes. Getting her out of her uniform the last two nights has not been easy but in the end we have managed. Tonight she wanted to leave it on until tomorrow but I did talk her out of it, I gently suggested that her pjs would be more comfortable to sleep in than her school dress.

For that last two day she has been at school and loved it, I picked her up this afternoon and Miss C could not wait to go back tomorrow. I then had to inform her that she did not have to go to school on Saturday or Sunday, she was a little disappointed but sparked right back up when I said Monday she could go back.

Her bag is nearly bigger than she is, she gets lost under her hat, her dress is nearly down to her ankles all in all she is one cute little...oops sorry big school girl.

Where has the last 5 years gone well there is more to our story which I will tell it at another time.


  1. How did I not know that Miss C was off to school this year!? Oh my goodness! How does Master C go at home on his own?

    1. I have not actually said much on facebook and have not put up any photos may have to do that, she is loving it. Master C is struggling as his big sister is not at home. The hardest part is getting him to play by himself, but he will get there