Saturday, 26 January 2013

Scrap It With Attitude

Sometime in  early 2012 or maybe even late 2011 I joined a group on facebook called Scrap It With Attitude. It is a group of like minded people who love to create. It is a place where friendships are formed, a question is asked and answered and a place where your creations are appreciated.

Since joining SIWA I have participated in ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) swaps and card swaps but never a challenge. I have to admit that I did not believe that my work was good enough so I never entered any of the challenges but I loved seeing what the other girls came up with. Then someone posted a challenge that I could not back away from. It was an open challenge - make what ever you like in any style. I knew I had to do this one as I had an idea that I wanted to create.

So what do you think of my dancing girl?

She is on canvas, the background is painted, the piece of music paper is glue on, the flourish is stamped and finally it is inked.
A light layer of matte medium is brushed over the top to project the surface.
I have then glued on the on embellishments. The glue i used was the X-Press It TripleTac glue, except for under my dancer, I have used glue dots to give her some lift. I don't like using hot glue or glue dots as I find that embellishments can pop right off, so I am sure at some stage I will have to put my girl back on.

I was extremely surprised and happy when I was told that I had received second place, not bad for my first challenge. I was sent a wonderful parcel with words, frames, flowers and other shapes made out of chipboard for my prize.

Entering this challenge was not about winning, (truth be told I did not actually realise it was sponsored) it was about challenging myself and entering my work to be judged. I love what I do and take a lot of pride and care in what I produce, plus it is a lot of fun to play and get messy.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hmm Interesting

After attending the class for the mixed media canvas (see previous post) I was all inspired to create something of my own using the same techniques.

Sure I used the same techniques but after that nothing is even remotely connected to the original canvas.

Oh yes I remember now, both of them have butterflies

And where this one came from and where it is headed I have no idea.

Play Time

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Miss C and Master C attend daycare so this is my play time and housework time (more house work could get done if I did not play as much), but on one particular Thursday in December I was lucky enough to attend a class at my local scrap booking shop. The class was a mixed media canvas. I think 8 ladies attended and not one of the canvases looked the same. We all had the same stamp, embellishments and paint.

Something Different

I am a card maker at heart and I think I always will be but I wanted to do something different. I was reading one of the many magazines that I have sitting on my bookshelf and came across a mixed media photo frame. Well I didn't have anything in my stash that was close to resembling what they used. So instead of a frame I found a piece of cardboard and made this instead

It is a piece of thick cardboard that I have brushed with a thick coat of X-Press It TripleTac Glue.
On the glue I have put metal washers in 3 different sizes and pieces of flywire.
I found my metal tape and cut it into different sizes and placed them randomly to completely cover the cardboard, washers and flywire.
I have used Adirondack Alcohol Inks Wild Plum, Butterscotch and Meadow to colour the back ground, .
The flowers I have used are the Kaisercraft paperblooms, Aubergine and Buttercream. The leaves are just some that I found in my flower draw.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Shaker Cards

Just before Christmas I learnt how to make shaker cards, so I made some for Christmas. Playing with glitter is so much fun and also rather messy if you decide to sneeze while using it, lucky for me that did not happen, so no glitter mess for me. I always end up with sparkles in my hair, on my clothes even if I am careful.

The two cards below I loved them that much that I could not bear to part with them, so at the moment they are packed away in a safe spot until I decide to let someone else enjoy them. Seems a bit silly on my behalf but that's just the way it is.

Now these two are a different story although I like them as well (maybe not quite as much as the other two, shhh lets not say that too loudly) I did part with them and my friends who received them gave me lovely feed back.

Shaker Cards are very simple to make once you know how. What I love about these cards are the clean crisp lines and the simplicity of the design. Hope that you like them to.

A Journey Begins

Over the last few months I have often thought of starting a blog and then I wondered what would I write about? A few things come to mind but the two main things were Paper craft and Type I Diabetes.

Hmmm you say two very different thing but these two topics make the most impact in my daily life.

So here I am at 3am in the morning writing my first blog post.