Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Shaker Cards

Just before Christmas I learnt how to make shaker cards, so I made some for Christmas. Playing with glitter is so much fun and also rather messy if you decide to sneeze while using it, lucky for me that did not happen, so no glitter mess for me. I always end up with sparkles in my hair, on my clothes even if I am careful.

The two cards below I loved them that much that I could not bear to part with them, so at the moment they are packed away in a safe spot until I decide to let someone else enjoy them. Seems a bit silly on my behalf but that's just the way it is.

Now these two are a different story although I like them as well (maybe not quite as much as the other two, shhh lets not say that too loudly) I did part with them and my friends who received them gave me lovely feed back.

Shaker Cards are very simple to make once you know how. What I love about these cards are the clean crisp lines and the simplicity of the design. Hope that you like them to.


  1. Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful Dee and why because I have one in my possession!! And I love it xxx
    Lynn xx

    1. Thank you Lynn, you have a very big heart and offer so much support, I am glad that I have you in my corner xxx

  2. Dee they are just beautiful! I love them!
    As for the stashing them away because you love them too much to part with, not silly at all. I have a card just like that - in fact, it's Alex who won't let me sell it! xxx

    1. Sometimes I think it is a good idea to hang on to some things as it will show you how much you have changed, knew we had a lot in common x