Thursday, 9 March 2017

Artsy Layout

Artsy I can do but combine that with a sketch and photo panic stations set in. This was another class from the weekend. The description of the class was "for anyone wanting to explore their love of scrapbooking with their desire to make art". Just reading that I knew I had to do this class by Fiona (blog), it sounded fun and messy, but I knew I would learn something. Maybe get over my fear of sketches.

Before class I actually found a photo that I thought I might like to use, in the end I didn't use it, but at least I had one. You have to go into Fiona's classes with an open mind, you cannot have preconceived ideas of what you will create. For me that's lucky because I never know what I am going to create I just wing it.

On entering the classroom we were given an artist board, a double sided page of abstract (love abstract) sketches and a sheet of different pencil grips. How you hold your pencil makes a difference to the marks you make. I was having so much fun making marks.

At the front of the class Fiona demonstrated how she goes about starting a sketch and then sent us on our way. She doesn't tell us what to do but shows us techniques and that way we all created totally individual pieces of art. The sketch I chose to use and my finished piece don't resemble each other at all but is was a place to start.

And this is what I finished with

Products used - gesso, paynes grey paint, grey lead pencil, donna downey stencil - scribble script

Happy Creating


  1. It was so inspiring watching you create your beautiful piece of art. It seemed to take me ages to find my flow and groove. ❤

    1. Thank you Sandi, I must admit, once I got going and got over the I hate it faze and had fun it just came together