Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Technique Tuesday at Frosted Designs

I would like to share with you how to use a product called Mask It. It comes from X-Press It, it is a low tack film that provides you with many possibilities

Mask It
Tools Required:
Mask It
Sharpe Blade
2 different stamps
Heat Gun
Card Stock

When choosing the stamps start with one that that has an easy shape to cut around and the second stamp as a background. To begin first stamp the shape that you want to mask. For quick drying use the heat gun. ce

Once image is dry cut a piece of the Mask-It that will completely cover the stamped image, you dont need any excess as you are going to cut away the film and just leave it on the image.

When cutting the film, dont press to hard as you want to cut the film only and not the card underneath, which is why I suggested you use a simple shape to get the feel for it. Make sure that your blade is sharp if need be put in a brand new blade, will make it just that little bit easier as you dont have to press as hard.

Once you have finished cutting the film, carefully remove the Mask-It that is not covering the stamped image. Do it slowly just in case you have not cut all the way through, this allows you to carefully recut the film in the right spot.

Now that excess film has been removed ink up your second stamp and stamp over the top of your first image.


 After you have stamped your second image it is time to remove the film that is covering your image.

Mask-It can be used in many ways, create your own shape and use it as a stencil, stamp an image and then colour the card around it. Before putting the Mask It over the first stamped image colour it in.

Hope that this tutorial has sparked your imagination, Happy Creating. If you would like to see more tutorials please visit Frosted Designs


  1. Wow, this technique is awesome! I don't have the patience for it though so I will live vicariously through you!

    1. Oh you are funny Hollie, you would be surprised how quick it is