Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Breaking A Blank Page

Art Journaling what does this mean to me? It is a way to express yourself through creativity and words. I have never really kept a journal but art journaling does appeal to me. I have created between 12 - 15 pages, but I just cant get the hang of it. I want to do it but it eludes me at the moment.

A couple of months ago Marta Lapkowska (blog, facebook, instagram) put together a 3 part series of youtube videos on art journaling for beginners. I marked them at the time to watch later, it has taken me this long but last week I finally watched all three of them. Please find the links for the YouTube videos below

Art Journaling for Beginners: TIPS & SUPPLIES, how to get started part 1  

How to Break A Blank Page? Mixed Media Art Journaling for Beginners part 2

How to START? How to Break A Blank Page? Mixed Media Art Journaling part 3

I found all three videos very useful. I would love to share with you the blank pages that I have broken. There are 24 of them so far and I haven't use all of Marta's ideas yet, the coloured pages are yet to be done, I need to cut up some more paper.

book pages, music sheet, masking tape and washi tape

washi tape, clothes tags, scrapbooking paper, magazine, gesso

texture paste (whipped spackle), thread, chipboard

As I was creating the above pages, I had some ideas of my own that I wrote down and the pages below are some of those ideas, still have a list that I want to create.

die cuts, tea bags, tissue paper and sequin waste

So maybe breaking a blank page is not my problem maybe it the next step that is. I do know that I had a lot of fun creating the start of some journal pages.

Happy Creating

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  1. Looooove that you played with blank page, great effects!
    Thank you for mention. I hope you will finish your pages and have lots fun, hugs xxxx Marta :)