Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hot Glue Gun Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what else you can do with your hot glue gun, well I have and have some discoveries to show you.

Tools Required:
Hot glue gun
Extra sticks of glue
Non stick craft mat

The best way to start is print off some letters on the computer and then trace over the top with you glue gun

 Not the easiest thing to do, I cannot tell you how fast or slow to do it as all glue guns are different. My first attempt at the individual letters were a disaster, I could not even tell they were letters

Or you can do your letters/writing freehand, which I found much easier

 The simple styles of lettering are the easiest and the more confidence you gain then move on to the more complicated styles.

Shapes are easy to do as they can be anything and I did all of these free hand.

 I have also made some flowers. I will show you my freehand flowers

 A little bit of a disaster although the bottom one in the middle is not too bad

Now I will show you a flower that I have hand drawn

I have then placed it under my non stick craft mat

 And traced over the top and this is the result

This is a very simple card that I made with my word.  I used X-Press It Triple Tac Glue to glue down Love. I painted it with acrylic paint.

I hope that you have fun exploring this idea. I am looking forward to experimenting a little more as well.


  1. I just love this, Dee! I still haven't invested in a HGG yet but hoping to maybe get one for my birthday!

    1. Thanks Hollie, it was fun to play. I dont use my hgg very much but it does come in very useful at times.